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SCD Board

The members of the Fentress County SCD Board of Directors are:


Kyle Cooper, Chairman



Phillip Peirce, Vice-Chairman



Jim Bledsoe, Seceratary Treasurer



Gaye Smith, Member



Mark Walker, Member


Board and Staff

SCD Staff

SCD staff members are available to assist landowners with programs available through partner organizations, as well as implementing various educational activities and fundraisers.


SCD Board

Soil Conservation Districts are local units of government responsible for the soil and water conservation work within their boundaries.  The District's role is to ncrease voluntary conservation practices among farmers, ranchers and other land users. The SCD is governed by a Board of Supervisors; three members are elected by property owners within the District and two are appointed by the State Soils Committee. The role of the Board is to review District operations and make decisions on how best  to apply available conservation programs. This grassroots approach gives local residents a much-needed say in how federal and state actions affect their communitites and their conservation efforts.

NRCS Staff

NRCS is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. NRCS staff are available to provide assistance to landowners through cost share programs that promote conservation of our natural resources.

FSA Staff

FSA is primarily tasked with the implementation of farm conservation and regulation laws around the country.  Farmers who are eligible to participate in these programs elect a three- to five-person county committee, which reviews county office operations and makes decisions on how to apply the programs. This grassroots approach gives a farmer a much-needed say in how federal actions affect their communitites and their individual operations.  After more than 60 years, it remains a cornerstone of FSA's efforts to preserve and promote American agriculture.

Value of Agriculture in Fentress County

Did you know that agriculture is a big part of the economy in Fentress County. Below you will find the 2012 Census of Agriculture for Fentress County. The revenue generated by crop and livestock production turns over 6 to 7 times so many Fentress County citizens benefit.

Upcoming Events

Mon Jan 24
Board Meetings
Mon Feb 28
Board Meetings